Wine scoring is inevitably subjective and with many shortcomings to express the wines in whole. Yet it is an effective way to put a scale in relation to quality, within the context of horizontally in comparison with other producers in the region, vertically in relation to its overall expression through the years. Or, sometimes, to position itself in a broader scale to similar styles from other regions / countries.

100 point system is used, which is more common than 20 points among Chinese readers, and also widely accepted in many international markets.

Please read closely the tasting notes, as an over emphasis on the scores frequently skewed the context, in particular, occasion and window of appreciating certain wines.




98-100 Excellent

Aesthetically extraordinary and extremely sensational. Usually with very long aging ability.

96-97 Outstanding

Stepping towards the scope of aesthetical evaluation. Usually with long aging ability.

93-95 Great

Beyond the restraint of being technically good, with some exiting aspects and nuances, and / or largely surpassed the average level of the variety / appellation / vintage.

90-92 Highly recommended

Beyond the average quality level of a region or a vintage. Presenting certain level of precision and typicality, in relation to variety / appellation / vintage.

85-89 Recommended

Representing the average quality level of a region or a vintage.

80-84 Commended

Nothing special but nothing wrong either.

75-79 Acceptable

Drinking it won’t hurt.

70-74 Poor


<70 Faulty